Communication Skills


1 Working as a member of the Outreach team at Leeds Beckett University

I represent the University through my involvement in promoting higher education to young people (age 11-18), through presenting workshops, events and lectures. This involves working with the young people’s teachers and my co-workers to create a team effort. The young people are from very different backgrounds, and may not have the access to information about higher education – we provide them with all the knowledge they need to know to achieve a place at university. Every school we work with has varying capabilities and environments to adjust to – which has improved my people and communication skills. I recently have been given more responsibility by running days of workshops around further education for young people, where I would lead a class of around 30 through a variety of exercises surrounding higher education. I have to communicate with all ages, adapting to different situations each time, whether this be presenting a lecture to sixth form students to performing a workshop to year 6 children.

This role includes a residential which I have worked on each summer, leading a group of young people and being responsible for them throughout the week, guiding and supporting them through further education workshops and enterprise events. Helping them into their further education journey, whatever background they come from.

2 Working on the Marketing team at Leeds Beckett University

Recruiting new students is greatly competitive, and within my role in the Marketing team I promote and introduce the facilities at Leeds Beckett. This involves working on UCAS fairs around the UK, to bring in and offer advice to students, meaning you must be approachable and have a variety of different information to cover all queries. The role also involves meeting prospective students and their parents on the campus, offering help, advice and tours. I have also carried out mock interviews within schools with students in the Leeds/Bradford area to help them improve interview techniques.

For both these roles I am working in a group of all ages and backgrounds, each shift enhances my team work  and communication skills. Working with young people and teachers is also something I have now become fully confident in doing as we have a different environment and different ability of children with every school we step into.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 14.20.36.png

The Leeds Beckett Outreach team and I – Summer Residential 2016 

3 Presentations

The course has given me many presenting opportunities, I am now fully confident and enjoy presenting to small and large audiences.  I have presented to a variety of people from large well established clients to my class at university and have had many opportunities answering questions and presenting unplanned answers. All this experience has increased my speech writing skills to be fully comprehendible in a presenting situation.

4 Writing

I have also enhanced my writing communication skills, through my practice with blogging as well as practicing essential public relation pieces such as a press release, please click to see an example of the Press Release.

5 Blogs

Through my blogs I have produced an audio and video blog where I have showcased my spoken abilities through this media.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 14.40.59To see more of my skills and experiences please have a look at my Online CV

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