Research Skills


At University each of the modules I take requires a certain amount of detailed research. I have explored many analysis techniques such as SWOT and PEST and have had many opportunities to present my findings to large and small audiences.

Both major client team projects I have undertaken during my Masters course has required both primary and secondary research for both our client IKEA, and Harris Associates. (To hear about these projects more please click here)

We conducted face-to-face and online surveys to form strategic plans for our clients and we were able to show this research against our ideas to prove our thinking and logic behind them.

Pictured above: An example of research we conducted as a team which I designed into a presentation which led us to winning our pitch to IKEA.

I have also carried out interviews to inform my recent blog posts, such as my blog discovering what its like in the PR profession, which I got a lot of information from through the process of an interview. As well as my PR graduate blog where I used a similar technique.

My ongoing dissertation at 15,000 words is one of the biggest pieces of work I will have produced. This requires a vast amount of detailed study in hope to answer a gap in research. I am proposing to conduct both primary and secondary research for my dissertation which is titled: Examining the impact of social media and the emergence of brand-influencer relationships in public relations and communications practice in the UK.

I have already produced a literature review for my research, which can be found here: Preliminary Literature Review. I am in the process of contacting PR practitioners and online influencers to aid my research, which I feel confident in performing as many aspects of my course have prepared me for this.


Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 14.40.59To see more of my skills and experiences please have a look at my Online CV

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