International Skills



Within my public relations course I have been taught a module called Corporate Communications in an intercultural context, covering a variety of topics such as media relations and crisis communications and how these vary within different cultures. During this module I created a CSR induction manual on the different cultural aspects of Lush Cosmetics Ltd.  I also presented a 20 minute presentation within a team talking about internal communications and how these are different around the world. Our team included people from Nigerian and English backgrounds, allowing us first hand knowledge to compare cultural experiences, which aided us in achieving a first class mark. This module increased my confidence in adapting to various cultures within the communications industry, I now understand traditions and cultures all over the world, and relish in leading or being part of a diverse group as I feel you can learn so much and gain well-rounded strategic ideas.

For my first semester I was part of a group which included people from American and Arabic backgrounds, making our group ethnically diverse, which added a greater amount of ideas and opinions to develop. I took this team work experience through to semester two when I collaborated with people from Nigeria and Ukraine, which added value and inspiration to our group. We collectively achieved a winning pitch and impressed our client IKEA, with our communication, teamwork and research skills.

I have also written a blog about my experience of diversity during my time as a post graduate student, please click here to view it.

Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 18.52.55.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 14.40.59To see more of my skills and experiences please have a look at my Online CV

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