Creative Skills


1 Collaboration Project

Client – Space 2 

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Last year, I joined with ‘Space 2’; A company who promote arts projects as part of the solution in some of Leeds’ most challenged neighbourhoods to address entrenched issues for communities. We worked together with Allerton Primary School to promote the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of ‘The Battle of the Somme’. I worked within a team to promote this around Leeds through workshops and an exhibition hosted at West Yorkshire Playhouse.

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The project started by planning activities to lead at Allerton Primary School, this allowed us as a group to get a taste of what they were capable of and how much they already knew; helping us plan our future workshops effectively. We did introductory workshops with them including filling in previously made letterpress ‘evacuation tags’ – as an authentic way to identify the kids.



Within this project we collaborated with film students at Leeds College of Music and a Leeds City Museum historian. With these resources we researched into old Leeds WW1 stories, and created an after school club where the children would learn about the stories and adapt them into a play. This play was then acted out by the children from stories of their ancestors, this was created into a film which was showcased at the exhibition.

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We organised a photoshoot to gain authentic images of the children in WW1 costumes, having an additional activity for the children, making clay memorials after an informed activity about real life memorials led by us as a team. All the work done in these workshops would be shown at the exhibition.


The last activity organised was the making of a large scale model of a ‘Dazzleship’- (a family of ship camouflage used extensively in World War I to confuse enemies when attacking by the way the patterns were seen from a distance.) Allerton Primary is a very multi-cultural school and to represent this we thought it would be a great idea for them to use the colours of the flag from their home countries when painting the ship.

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I was also involved in the organising of the exhibition, the venue, design and when. Where I was able to help with the presentation and layout of the displays, creating not only an exhibition of the children’s work but an interactive space for people of all ages to come in and learn about Leeds’ role within the Battle of the Somme.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 12.39.52


The exhibition was held at Leeds Beckett University, and it was a great day for all of us to see our work coming together and to know the children loved what they had accomplished – with a presentation ceremony collecting their certificates I had designed being the perfect send off to our project.

We were also very pleased to hear that during last summer our exhibition was chosen to be displayed in West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds. We also got a great Testimonial from Dawn Fuller – Strategic Director at Space 2.

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2 Presentations

I have been able to design a compelling, exciting presentation through my practice on the course and design experience. Linking my script with design on the presentation to create an interesting presentation and the ability to adapt presentations to different audiences.

Here is an example of a presentation I produced for our client IKEA: Ikea PresentationFINAL

3 Creative Ideas

For team and client projects I have worked on, I have been able to come up with creative ideas which have derived from research into our clients to provide them with proposals which are most appropriate for their organisation.

4 Graphic Design

Last year I gained a degree in Graphic Design, which has allowed me to adapt my creative work through to my Public Relations course. I feel as though design is becoming an increasingly important tool to have to have a successful career in PR.

During my Graphics course I created several creative pieces, layout design being my preferred niche which I have taken through with me to aid my presentation and document designs. Here are some examples of my more creative pieces, including a photography publication and a ‘zine’, as well as a video surrounding the topic of ‘apathy’.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 14.40.59To see more of my skills and experiences please have a look at my online CV

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