Zoë Rollins

My name is Zoë Rollins, I am an aspiring PR professional. My education started in the Yorkshire Dales at Skipton Girls High School. Since I was young I’ve always taken an interest in anything creative – leading me to gain an undergraduate degree at Leeds Beckett University in Graphic Arts and Design. Through my studies in the arts I realised I was at I was on the wrong team at ongoing projects, wanting to be at the forefront of the ideas – leading me to PR – this made me recognise my great passion for creating campaigns and promoting them.

Whilst studying my masters I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with clients, including PR firm ‘Harris Associates’ and I recently did a winning a team pitch for IKEA. These experiences allowed me to expand my communication skills and adapt them into PR practice, increasing my knowledge of  practices within the PR industry – aiding me to display communication techniques between clients and my team.

For the past three years, I have been working with the ‘Outreach Team’ and ‘Marketing team’ at Leeds Beckett University promoting what we offer and opportunities to prospective students through a variety of social events. From this experience, I have developed many skills which link to the career I want to pursue, these include social etiquette, leadership and presentational skills – all of which I’ve had to do a lot within my degrees, as well as my work in the Outreach team.

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My career aim is to link my creative eye and skillset with my knowledge and ambition for PR to become the full package. I wish to have a role working alongside campaigns for established brands – having my skills and experiences as designer, creating new ideas within the PR industry as I see this as an emerging trend for more visuals out there.

Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 14.40.59If you wish to find out more about my skills and experiences, please check out my online CV or you can contact me.