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For this post I am interviewing PR superstar Jihane Rodriguez. She has excellent experience in the Public relations industry and offers great insight and advice to anyone wanting to break through into PR.

So before we get into the interview, here’s some background information on Jihane:

Her educational journey into PR started at Newcastle University in 2008 where she studied a BA Hons combined studies in Marketing and Media. After a few years of exploring and trying to find a job during the worldwide economic crisis she decided to add a masters to her CV. It was then she went to Houston, Texas, USA and completed a Masters in Communications and International Studies at the University of St. Thomas. She has had a variety of great communication roles including working on Spanish TV station, Univision as a Community Affairs Coordinator. Jihane also worked at the Children’s Museum of Houston in their PR department where she served as a communications advisor to the Houston Down Syndrome Association. Now, she has co-founded ‘Houston Latina Bloggers’ – a non-profit organisation that looks to help and empower Latinas in the city. On this site Jihane likes to blog about organic, natural, sustainable and vegetarian topics. Her blogging company offers workshops, seminars and events that aim to give these women the right tools to work as brand ambassadors.

Pictured above: Jihane Rodriguez and her blogging website ‘Houston Latina Bloggers’

So let’s get to know Jihane Rodriguez a little more, and how she achieved her success:

What made you want to do PR? What was your previous experience or studies?

At first, PR was the least on my mind. I was in love with advertising and creating new content. It was when I came to the United States and landed my first internship at the TV network that I fell in love with PR. Reaching so many different markets, helping communities unite and working as a liaison between the brand and the community made me realise PR was what I liked the most about marketing/communications.

What is your current job role and responsibilities?

I am the co-founder of Houston Latina bloggers and a full time free-lance PR and Social media consultant. As a co-founder I act as a liaison between the brands and the bloggers.  I also network with different blogger groups and brands to keep up to date with the new trends in the digital market.

Have you had any other PR jobs/experience previous to your current job?

Yes. Univision TV Network as a community affairs coordinator, The Children’s Museum of Houston PR Intern, The Down Syndrome Association PR and social media consultant.

What is a ‘typical day at work’ for you?

The wonderful thing about PR is the diversity that it can bring to your work days. Some days are slow and consist mostly of writing press releases, emails, and working on the editorial calendar, and some other days are very busy with networking events, phone interviews, and meetings.

 What is your career goal?

Short term I am now relocating to Cardiff. I hope to find a PR job there that allows me to grow as an individual and allows me to help the communications efforts of the company grow with me.

 What skills do you think are most important to gain a successful career in PR?

Attention to detail. One of my mentors Henry Yau, PR director of the Children’s Museum of Houston once told me I had an amazing attention to detail, and that would be a very useful took to have in the market. You have to make sure you cover every angle of a communication campaign whether reactive or proactive. Another important skill is people’s skills. You need to learn how to read people, and how to react to other’s in a timely and polite manner. Last but not least, network network network. Meet people, have your business card and your smile ready.

 Jihane has had a great mixture of experiences within PR and communications, and has become very successful in her field. Thank you Jihane for taking part in this interview – your work is truly inspiring and I hope to work to the level of success you have gained.

To find out more about Jihane visit her LinkedIn profile.

Also, have a look at the great work on her blogging site

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